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“Take a seat”, one of the most commonly used phrases in modern day society and yet something almost always taken for granted that a chair will be there when needed.

Often, little or no attention is paid to what someone is sat on yet the science, technology and even psychology behind the seating is not only extensive but also profoundly researched and developed. Indeed, one of a casino’s most important expressions has always traditionally been through its seating. Influencing a player through textile, temperature, smell, pressure and distribution all prolongs the experience, all of which contribute
eventually to overall profits.

Recognised throughout the world as a leader and specialist in this discipline, PST’s acclaimed history of innovation began more than 50 years ago when this family-run manufacturer incorporated design and science into the functionality of casino seating, defining is future ever since.

Today, PST employs a diverse team where talent is only surpassed by a commitment to innovation, operational excellence and sustainability. Never just reacting to the gaming industry’s needs but anticipating them, this technology is uniquely combined with its heritage and experience, indeed many engineers have been with the company for decades with one particular craftsman celebrating 48 years this month.

PST’s proprietary technology, bespoke manufacturing and attention to detail has always ensured the player is comfortable while completely immersed in the experience being created and according to Betfred’s Retail PM Nick Lowe “is one of our only suppliers which constantly goes above and beyond. Nothing is ever too much and they consistently deliver high quality products prior to deadlines.”

Praise indeed, but this applied creativity and customer support has been refined to set a new global gaming standard, as the company is keenly aware that its products must evolve alongside those it supports.

Renown for its development of comfort systems, motion technology and control devices adapted to a variety of seating applications, PST’s core product lines include an extensive range of bespoke models with adjustable mechanisms, heat and sound systems, brand embroidery, USB charging ports, power cup holders and other industry-specific prerequisites.

Indeed, many of these exclusive functions and components are designed internally by a specific team of experts prior to being manufactured at its Tyneside facility in the north of England.

From the Derby chair launched over half a Century ago, PST’s most recent offering, the Cosmpolitan and Monte Carlo are the epitome of innovation, technology, durability and traditional hand craftsmanship.

Featuring higher seating and comfort, both design options can be customised through PST’s bespoke system affording customers a selection of different colours, armrest, pull handle and castors or glides for ease of movement.

Standard features of these chairs for maximum comfort and support, as well as ease of maintenance, include PST’s unique Comfort Spring Back technology, self-levelling self-returning gas lift and durable Electro plated or powder coated bases with glides and any bespoke size. These chairs are also available with a number of options including a unique easy change seat, trumpet base, protective edge back and several finger grip options.

Interestingly, casino chair architecture is increasingly crossing over into
mainstream designer furniture with inspiration taken from the gaming environment being used to create exquisite luxury interior home designs.

Who know show long it will be before we see a version of the Cosmopolitan or Monte Carlo in the home?